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Bassoon w/ Descender @ Local 269

BASSOON at 8pm followed by
269 East Houston @ Suffolk, NYC $7

Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures @ Jazz Gallery

Definitely an exciting event — I’m playing with Adam Rudolph’s octet, doing music that is similar to the Organic Orchestra but … different, and obviously with Adam’s tremendous percussive firepower on display. Graham Haynes on trumpet, Kenny Wessel on guitar, Joe Bowie on trombone, Brahim Fribgane on oud and percussion, James Hurt on percussion, Matt Kilmer on percussion, and myself on acoustic bass guitar.

“improvised&electroacoustic”: Dafna Naphtali/Sarah Bernstein + Jen Baker/Andrew Drury/Stuart Popejoy @ Cafe Orwell

Originally planned to be three different acts with a final combined improvisational flight, we’re now going straight for the goal line with one big group. Aurally expansionist throw-downs to ensue.

The title of this work is the total length in minutes and seconds of its performance

Also known as 4’33” by John Cage, this is from the “First Tacet Edition” score, which also says “the work may be performed by any instrumentalist or combination of instrumentalists and last any length of time.”

Tudor’s 1952 performance had prescribed movement lengths, whereas this later score only instructs TACET -> TACET -> TACET. Yes, it carefully describes the timings and gestures of the earlier performance, but the ending seems to demand new approaches. So much for 4’33”. No wonder Cage called it “The Silent Piece” [as in “I have no need for the silent piece”].

What would a new performance be called? 9’6″, carefully preserving the relative movement lengths? But that seems too determinist. Maybe three “musicians” can segue with suitably impulsive timing. Or hold their breath in sequence, or stand on one leg until …


Band 2 tha Camp

Bandcamp is a brazillion-times better than any other music service I’ve tried — of course this only includes CDBaby (via Sarah) and myspace … Mainly, the way they keep their branding out of the experience is brilliant. When browsing, their stuff is a tiny toolbar at the bottom; when uploading/editing, they add a tiny toolbar at the top. That and their interface is easy to understand … good times!

So check it out already! Iron Dog’s “Field Recordings 1” as a download (name yer price) or CD+download ($10).

Video of Iron Dog at the Stone, November ’10

We just put up a nice little excerpt of this show, featuring Sarah’s poem “One Voice, Three Minds” …

Trax from the upcoming Bassoon CD

Here’s some recently-mastered action from Bassoon’s long-awaited CD release. Yes it’s been sold via homemade CDRs before but it’s got a new song (Rope), I remixed the whole thing for greater awesomeness, and got it mastered with Colin Marston, so it’s even more roque-ing!!



With Raving Mouth

WordPress EventCalendar loop query

I’m using the EventCalendar plugin on this site for my shows, which works well and is really easy to use.

EC3 has a bunch of automatic query pages to display various kinds of event selections, but I wanted a dedicated calendar page for the nice URL. I needed to set up the loop query to select the EC event posts. After staring at the EC3 code for a while this is what worked:

query_posts("ec3_after=" . date('Y-m-d'));

I haven’t gotten comments going on the site yet cuz I’m terrified of comment spam, so for comments/questions/flames contact me at the email addy in the footer.

Avram Fefer’s Elektrik Kool-Aid @ Nublu

Returning to nublu with Avram’s funk harmolodics. Dave Phelps will be playing, not sure about the rest of the cast … funkayfunkay BASS!!

bassoon video: “Turdburgler” at Cake Shop, 2008

from a show we did right before we tracked a lot of the tunes on the upcoming CD

the flyer from said gig, in which “bassoon baby” was born:

Cake Shop show flyer 2008 w/ Stats