Zoom R16 as Pro Tools Controller (OS X)

This procedure assumes you've got the R16 working with your mac as an audio interface, and that the R16 shows up in Audio Midi Setup as "Zoom R16_R24".

Working features


  1. Get feedback for Rec/Solo/Mute working. Can't figure out how to trap a pair of CC events in MidiPipe to generate the NoteOn/NoteOffs for the R16.
  2. Map directional keys to something.
  3. Map the button row "Auto Punch I/O", "A-B Repeat" etc.


  1. Download and install (and Donate, what a great tool!) MidiPipe: http://web.mac.com/nicowald/SubtleSoft/MidiPipe.html

  2. Set up two IAC busses in Audio MIDI Setup: "ToPT" and "FromPT"

  3. Download the script: R16toPT.mipi

  4. Run MidiPipe and open the downloaded script.

  5. Run Pro Tools. Add a "HUI" peripheral sending to IAC "FromPT" and receiving from IAC "ToPT".

  6. Enjoy!!!!!

Stuart Popejoy (first initial last name "at" panix.com)
2010 Nov 27