AuRaLdYsToPiA : anderson/popejoy/evans ; barr/pride ; hock/singh/podgurski ; nelson/dahl/nazary

nEwHaRdCoReImPrOv aT jAcK!!!

— Aural Dystopia returns to Jack with another california-king-sized lineup of extemporaneous extremity —

8pm: MATT NELSON (sax/electronics)/TIM DAHL (bass)/JASON NAZARY (drums)

9pm: ANDREW HOCK (guitar)/DAVINDAR SINGH (bari sax)/NICK POGURSKI (drums)

10pm: MICK BARR (amplified tarr)/MIKE PRIDE (drums)

11pm: RON ANDERSON (guitar)/STUART POPEJOY (bass/keys)/MICHAEL EVANS (drums)

Curated by Stuart Popejoy

Jack – 505 ½ Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238 Between Fulton – Atlantic in Clinton Hill (C or G train to Clinton-Washington)


Posted January 11th, 2013

IRON DOG[Bernstein.Popejoy.Drury]/HOME OF EASY CREDIT[Blancarte.Jensen]/HAN BLASTS PANEL[Krauss/Hasselbring/Black] @ JACK

Hey y’all, get ready for an amazing night of music, multimedia and mayhem!!!

Aural Dystopia rides again @ JACK with a ridiculously ruling roster of evocative improv extravagance

Starting off with HAN BLASTS PANEL, with Briggan Krauss working visuals and music alongside Curtis Hasselbring and Jim Black, each appending electronic wizardry to their already-excessive instrumental capacities.

Followed by THE HOME OF EASY CREDIT, Tom Blancarte and Louise Jensen’s dark expressive sonic galaxy, returning to NY after their victorious tour of the USA badlands.

Lastly, feral experimentalists IRON DOG celebrate their CD RELEASE of “Interactive Album Rock” on Phase Frame — enveloping Sarah Bernstein’s dystopian dythyrambs in wavefronts of cacophony issued from Stuart Popejoy’s electronics and bass, Andrew Drury’s metallic mayhem, and Bernstein’s violin distortions — plus visual extemporation by Billy Gomberg!


= IRON DOG record release concert for “INTERACTIVE ALBUM ROCK” + BILLY GOMBERG



at JACK, Nov 10, 2012, 8 pm
admission $10

505 1/2 Waverly Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

IRON DOG (Bernstein/Popejoy/Drury) creates spontaneous soundscapes
where minimalist structures erupt into psychedelic onslaughts. The
multiple roles of each performer are in full effect: Stuart Popejoy
maneuvers synthesizer and bass collisions, Sarah Bernstein delivers
distorted violin and enigmatic spoken word, and Andrew Drury commands
a sonic sphere of drums and manipulated materials. The Brooklyn-based
trio has been together since 2009.
“Their extended sonic experimentalism brought to mind early Pink Floyd
psych-outs… transplanting Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London onto
the Lower East Side.” — The New York City Jazz Record.
“It will defy your expectations while providing some thought-provoking
voltage readings.” — Grego Applegate Edwards

Queens-based THE HOME OF EASY CREDIT challenges the boundaries of
free-improvised music, jazz, folk, and pop music with an iconoclastic
approach that defies all those who seek to classify music by genre.
Two musicians who met in New York in 2008 and were married one year
later, Danish multi-instrumentalist Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and
bassist Tom Blancarte have teamed up musically as The Home of Easy
Credit, releasing their self-titled debut album on Northern Spy in
2012. Taking their name from a department store sign in a dilapidated
section of downtown Houston, Texas which they photographed while on
tour there, the duo seeks to hold up a mirror to contemporary musical
tastes to create a dark, beautiful and thrilling sound world that
reflects upon the decline of contemporary civilization. Recently
gaining notoriety for her improvised solo performances, Jensen uses a
broad range of colors, drawn from a long lineage of Scandinavian
artists including Jan Garbarek, Arve Henriksen and Björk but blended
with saxophone sounds as diverse as Lee Konitz or Mats Gustafsson. An
experienced veteran of the New York DIY music scene, Blancarte, who
plays electronic futuristic jazz with the Peter Evans Quintet,
hyperactive prog banjo/guitar shred with Seabrook Power Plant and
provides hellish bass insanity to tubist Dan Peck’s improvised doom
metal outfit The Gate, utilizes every trick in his book to underpin
his wife’s apocalyptic musical narratives. The year 2012 promises to
be an exciting year for the duo, as they plan an epic tour of North
America in the fall and two tours of Europe in the spring and summer.

BRIGGAN KRAUSS is a New York based saxophonist, composer and sound
artist who has been a strong presence in the New York creative music
scene for the past fifteen years. He is a founding member of Sex Mob,
has played on Grammy Award winning and nominated recordings and leads
several of his own projects as well as collaborating with many other
improvisers and composers in New York and around the world.

Posted October 12th, 2012

AURAL DYSTOPIA new hardcore improv @ JACK (new space!)

Keeping a loud thing going this month, this time at a great new space called “Jack” in Clinton Hill — 4 improv groups breaking out the ruff stuff

Friday September 14, 2012
AURAL DYSTOPIA: new hardcore improv @ JACK
Nick Didkovsky/Dan Romans 8PM
Ron Anderson/Justin Veloso 9PM
Weasel Walter/Matt Nelson/Tom Blancarte 10PM
Stuart Popejoy/Kevin Shea 11PM

505+1/2 Waverly Ave bt Fulton and Atlantic, Clinton Hill Brooklyn
A/C to Clinton/Washington, G to Clinton/Washington

Posted September 1st, 2012


An evening with masters of punishingly heavy improv: PULVERIZE THE SOUND (Peter Evans/Tim Dahl/Mike Pride), SHEAJOY (Stuart Popejoy/Kevin Shea), BURNING GENITALS (Jamie Saft solo).

Monday Aug 6 @ GRAND VICTORY
AURAL DYSTOPIA: shattered soundscapes

BURNING GENITALS – Jamie Saft Solo Guitar/Keys
SHEAJOY – Stuart Popejoy bass/keys, Kevin Shea drums
PULVERIZE THE SOUND – Peter Evans trumpet, Tim Dahl bass, Mike Pride drums

Doors at 7:00 pm

Posted July 14th, 2012