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I’ve moved coding-related blogging to a github site, already four Haskell articles there and planning on a big post regarding my Pleonid/braid algo composition stuff….

Posted January 17th, 2016

WordPress EventCalendar loop query

I’m using the EventCalendar plugin on this site for my shows, which works well and is really easy to use.

EC3 has a bunch of automatic query pages to display various kinds of event selections, but I wanted a dedicated calendar page for the nice URL. I needed to set up the loop query to select the EC event posts. After staring at the EC3 code for a while this is what worked:

query_posts("ec3_after=" . date('Y-m-d'));

I haven’t gotten comments going on the site yet cuz I’m terrified of comment spam, so for comments/questions/flames contact me at the email addy in the footer.

Posted June 26th, 2011