BASSOON Spring 2016 Tour

April 22, Philly PA: April 23, Raleigh NC: April 24, Richmond VA:

Coding blog site

I’ve moved coding-related blogging to a github site, already four Haskell articles there and planning on a big post regarding my Pleonid/braid algo composition stuff….

SARAH BERNSTEIN QUARTET with Kris Davis, Stuart Popejoy, Ches Smith @ CORNELIA

SARAH BERNSTEIN QUARTET with KRIS DAVIS, STUART POPEJOY, CHES SMITH at the Cornelia Street Cafe Monday, Oct 20, 8:30 pm admission: $10 door +10 drink/food =20 29 Cornelia Street NY, NY 10014 Sarah Bernstein, violin/composition Kris Davis, piano Stuart Popejoy, electric bass Ches Smith, drums