New release SEE on Nefarious Records

Timo Ellis concocted this uncanny genre-smusher by recording him, Brandon Seabrook and John Ehlers jamming, slicing and dicing it beyond recognition and then bringing me in on synth overdub. The result is aggressively disorienting!



Bitches Re-Brewed at the OutToSee Festival 2016

THIRD EYE ELECTRIC BAND plays the music of Miles Davis / Fourth Brew

Friday, April 15, 8pm
192 Front St, New York (South Street Seaport District)

Unsettling, frantic and anti-sentimental, Hans Tammen’s THIRD EYE ELECTRIC BAND – for whom machine oil is mother’s milk – fuse relentless polyrhythmic machinations with ethereal yet roughly sewn soundscapes, revisiting Miles Davis’ music from his Bitches Brew period. Dark, sometimes brooding ensemble passages mix and mingle with tightly woven drum-loops, and extended solo cadenzas build up to a mighty hymn to machine work, music of a metallic nightmare.

Sarah Manning – as
Shoko Nagai – moog
Briggan Krauss – g
David First – sitar
Chuck Bettis – electronics
Dafna Naphtali – electronics
Stuart Popejoy – b
Joe Hertenstein – dr
Michael Evans – perc
Lucas Collins – perc
Hans Tammen – binary conducting